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~You can Benefit from Chakradance™ through Personal Experience~


'Unlocking Emotions'


In Our Workshops...


"The partner you have is your own soul in your heart.

You dance with yours and, I dance with mine.

We all have the chosen partner for a lifetime long."


In the darkened room, lit by heart warming soft light, it is the safe place to dive into the deepest and darkest corners of our being and dance back into joy.
The happiest moments and talents in all knowing memory are dancing with us all the way as a inner sunshine.

It is a safe and sacred space; you are the only observer, of you.
This is the freedom of expressing inner feelings, dancing with the soul, through the physical body that desperately needs movement.
Full of self expression as needed today, to be the "Magic Wand" for yourself..

“Shall we care, shall we dance?”

'Unlocking Emotions'

Chakradance™ "7 Keys to Freedom"

An introduction workshop to experience the feeling of dancing all 7 major chakras.

With music resonating to each chakra, meditation and the creation of personal Mandala Art. We begin with earthy, tribal, pulsing rhythms for the base chakra, and move up to the beats for the higher chakras. It is about finding your own free spontaneous dance to connect with and express the energy of each chakra. It is like a dynamic moving meditation. It is a process of self-discovery, you will be working directly with the chakras.
Please contact me to participate in a 7 Keys to Freedom Workshop.

'Unlocking Emotions'

Chakradance™ "Journeying Series"

The Journeying Series consists of seven workshops, each offering a deeper experience of the 7 major chakras. Each workshop is a focus on one chakra.

This series has been designed for participants who are ready for deep inner transformational work. Discover all the facets of who you are, gain clarity and insight, and reconnect with your true, authentic self. As your outer world shifts into alignment with your inner world, be open to discovering your true path and purpose.

Private Chakradance™ Workshops

'Unlocking Emotions'

I offer Private 2 hour Workshops.
In this one on one, you can choose a "Focus Chakra" and Explore.
Contact me Here for a private Workshop.

Root Chakra - The Dance of Instincts

Sacral Chakra - The Dance of Sensuality

Solar Plexus Chakra - The Dance of Power

Heart Chakra - The Dance of Love

Throat Chakra - The Dance of Expression

Third Eye Chakra - The dance of Intuition

Crown Chakra - The dance of the Soul

Would you like to Host a Chakradance™ Workshop?

If you are interested in inviting guests and hosting a Chakradance Workshop in your home or business, contact me. I can share the benefits of hosting, help you with planning and I will facilitate the workshop in your home or business.