Welcome to Chakradance. Come and explore. Have fun. Find meaning. Let go. Come and look deeper into each chakra, each part of you, and experience more within the dance that is uniquely yours.

Feedback From Chakradancers

I was fortunate enough to Chakradance with Helle Barr in St. Augustine. Moving through all seven dances was a growth experience of, well, cosmic dimensions. Immediately I wanted to dance a second round, and a third, and more. Helle’s understanding of the importance of the physical body in spiritual work, and the nature of the chakras…. identity, desire, power, love, will, vision, transcendence… is impeccable. But her understanding is also of the opposites of these, the “shadow”, the pain. She is a teacher of great wisdom. Her website statement is more like a beautiful prayer, and a must-read for seekers.


I think one of your greatest gifts is that you (lovingly) pull/lift people out of their shadows and into their own light by holding the space around them so that they can’t hide in there sunken secret interior world. You really do have a way with bringing people into the present moment by mirroring your bright, open heart and so therefore creating a sacred safe space, and as you know, it is a must skill for a healer. (Well, at least I think it is;)”


What I consider to be my form of therapy… I began Chakra Dancing with my SOUL SISTER Helle Barr. Lead to her and this dancing form of soul therapy by a friend I consider to be on a very inspiring path of her own. I had known this dear girl for a very long time, but timing was not clear for us to meet on the same path until recently! I am grateful for them both… It all began with meditation and one thing led to another… After two CHAKRA dancing sessions I felt an abundance of wonderfully inspirational messages and was able to begin letting go of so much pain, grief, and anger I had been unable to let go of even when I tried… When it comes to CHAKRA dancing, my thoughts are this~

“It is NOT for the faint of heart ♥..” You have to be prepared for REAL “soul” work… I truly LOVE it… And of course ~ ” It feels like COMING HOME to me…” I describe it as walking into my body, heart, and soul and all of those things completely melting into one… I feel whole again each time I dance I learn more about myself..


Helle’s class was very inspiring, honoring both the physical (dancing) and meditative (blindfold)~I felt comfortable & safe during our dancing session and received a very powerful message. The music was perfect and I came away from our Dancing Session with a calmness & clarity. j This class can be done both standing & sitting, for those who might not be able to stand for the entire time or are in wheelchairs. Yes, I would recommend Helle and her class to friends and Yes, I would attend another class!  Rev. Deborah Montana R.N., C.I.M.


Nearly a year after hearing about it though a friend—and 800 miles—was finally able to experience Chakradance!

Recently while visiting family in Florida, I contacted Helle to inquire about Chakradance—and she graciously invited me to drop in on a session the next evening… The music, the movement… it was a truly wonderful and profound healing experience. I was blessed to be able to experience Chakradance, not once, but twice that week—and it was amazing!  I left [the sessions] feeling more connected and at one with the universe. People even noticed the shift in my energy when I returned home. I wish I could do this every week! ~ Diane


To no surprise, I am happy to share that I had a wonderful introductory Chakradance experience with Helle in St. Augustine this past weekend. To start, as it turned out, what sparked my interest in this work was my familiarity and love of a “sister” dance known as 5Rhythms. Also, I couldn’t deny how things were guiding me there after three new contacts raved about it. Beyond that, from start to finish, Helle proved herself to be a warm, insightful, bright, caring, and grounded teacher/healer who greeted and treated me like a goddess – something I have hungered for for a very long time. In addition, I was struck by the white light and impeccable beauty of the space that we worked in. I was also tickled by the attention to detail with the hand-painted teaching mandala, workshop packet, support materials, and the thorough after care. Of course, the dance experience itself was rich with skilled direction, a safe feeling environment, and seriously good music;)…Until the next dance!   Mia


Helle’s Chakradance Workshop is created through years of her work on herself, participating in and facilitating workshops.
I have been a participant in her Chakradance. I was reluctant at first as I wasn’t much of a dancer and didn’t know much about chakras. The dance was with eyes closed and she also had eye covers if needed. So that let me be comfortable to be just within myself and move to the music as I felt. (dance like no one watching) and that was key, to be able to feel what I felt while dancing/moving meditation, to the incredible music. For me, a lot of awareness comes up about where I am not living my full potential, letting go of ways that don’t serve me. About feeling wher I am and am not being truly alive.
I can feel the workshops are done from Helle’s true passion. The energy she creates in the workshops gives the feeling of love, everyone KNOWS they are welcome, the outside world goes away, there is no judgement, there is no right or wrong, the space is made for everyone to be who they are.
I find that the only way to make change within myself is to want the change, put it in my heart and take action to make it happen. Helle helps with that process.
The space Helle creates comes from love. I believe we all come from the same place and are here to learn our lessons, learn from them and move towards love. Unconditionally loving ourselves. Then we become free. Helle’ creates magic through her work.
~ Leonard ~


Dear Helle,

Here is my expression of gratitude for the chakradance.

I have been greatly empowered by the chakradance, which I have now done four times, and I look forward to completing the entire set of 7 chakras (plus introduction dance), and then repeating it all over! This is the most amazing experience of self-learning, learning about the universe, and self-empowering. First I danced the introduction; then the root chakra dance (red), the sacral chakra dance (orange), and the solar plexus chakra dance (yellow). Each time I danced, and especially as I have become more familiar with the process, I have gained insight, I must say profound insight, as to the nature of that chakra within my body, and how it works in me and the universe, and releasing personal strength. The root is the ground. The sacral is the warmth of sensuous experience. The solar plexus is the strength of life, the power of assertion. And do I feel the POWER! The loud music, letting your body just go into the rhythms and sounds, without judgement, is an incredible experience. Thank you, Helle. You are a gifted teacher with so much to offer.



Helle and Leonard

As you so graciously shared your home and yourselves with Kim and I, I feel compelled to fully share my experience with you. Kim had the pleasure of speaking with you prior to the workshop, and she developed a very high comfort level. She sensed your Peace, Kindness, Passion, and Intuition, all of which proved to be Spot On! As Kim and I discussed you ( Helle ) and our attendance at your Workshop, we were totally at ease , and anticipated a beautiful experience , worth the 4-1/2 hour each way drive ! We were not disappointed in any way in fact our level of joy, far surpassed our high expectations. Sharing in your Heart and Soul, was priceless!

Helle greeted Kim at the door, with one of the most Loving and Connected welcomes ever. With a huge smile, and wide-open eyes, Helle gazed into Kim’s eyes as if she could see her soul, told her how beautiful she was, and told her how grateful she was to share this moment together. I was next and received the same warm welcome, and set the tone, that we were comfortable, and in for a meaningful afternoon.

Once inside, Helle had the room set for Peace and Tranquility. A circle set up with bright pillows, surrounding a beautiful tapestry, with Crystals and Burning Candles. Colorful window coverings and Helle’s Original Artwork, created an atmosphere to let your Mind, Body, and Soul to be free! Helle’s husband Leonard; also a kind, gentle person, did not participate in the Dance Session, but was instrumental with the music portion of the afternoon. The music is essential to the experience, and was very well done.

There must be some Mystery, so the rest is for you to experience and form your own opinion. Go in with an open mind, leave your inhibitions at home, and set yourself free. I did and must say, Thank You , Thank You , Thank You !

Your Love, Truth, Light and Peace is within me – We Are One –

Until We Meet Again – Peace Be The Journey

Namaste – Bobby Violino


Chakradance with Helle Barr was a beautiful experience! I could feel the fluidity of my second chakra, orange, like water moving. First chakra wanted to cover a lot of area, felt grounded. The third chakra dance was suddenly almost motionless, with little bouncing steps that reminded me of pow wow dancing and the feeling of being a bright star. The fourth chakra was experienced as the outflowing of green leaves, like vines and new growth, stretching out to the horizon and connecting me with all the hearts of everybody and all living things on earth! Fifth chakra was like the sky, stretching my neck upward and open, and 6th chakra was like the stars, the big picture, now getting still with hand movements around the forehead and awareness of the location of the pineal gland. I could feel how short the human lifespan was. The crown chakra was a lavender lotus becoming a silver light thread connecting the top of my head to the universe like liquid slow motion lightning, now feeling through my entire body and all the down into the earth, as if I am the lightning rod. Then we made mandalas of the results. It was so satisfying to experience the chakras this way and also allow my energy to open up and integrate! At the end, I am very happy and relaxed after the final meditation! Thank you, Helle for this beautiful experience!

You really did an excellent job of creating the space and being the guide! Sincere congratulations!
Nancy Christensen