Root Chakra

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ROOT/BASE Chakra. ( deals with money matters )
Do not tell of your past troubles of a financial nature, if you have had them, do not think of them at all!
Do not tell of the poverty of your parents, or the hardships of your early life; More you talk about them more you have them. Use your time wisely ,look for solution.
“Let the dead bury their dead”, as Jesus said.
Why we are talking so often about mixed feelings?
Because we are afraid to identify our true feelings, and maybe we even don’t know how to identify our feelings? And you know what, IT IS OK, because we all are in growing process. The truth is , more money.
In any case , we need to feel our true feelings, and understand them , we need to feel them through all the way , and then shake it all out ! ( if they are hurtful for us and hurtful for everyone involved) .
That’s why ‘Unlocking Emotions’ is so powerful !
You can do it during the dancing; IT IS ONLY YOUR DANCE.
Once you have personal experience, you can feel the value of it.

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