Preparing Today’s “Heart Chakra” Dance

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Preparing today’s Heart Chakra Moving Meditation Dance workshop – Dance of Love , this morning……creating welcoming and sacred space for every soul traveler, it is important for me, that everyone feels the freedom, being themselves.Usually starting with sage ,preparing each individual spot, preparing Mandala Art supply’s , individual chakra oils,game stones, herbs, following my intuition of decorating welcoming display, every time my guides are recommending something unusual, but I learned to trust my intuition and go with the flow, and it works for me that way.Preparing the room the way it has been guided to me , brings in the sacredness of all that is.

This is the testimonial one of my wonderful dancer, Shamanic Practitioner ~ Mia Elizabeth Clark ~I think one of your greatest gifts is that you (lovingly) pull/lift people out of their shadows and into their own light by holding the space around them so that they can’t hide in there sunken secret interior world. You really do have a way with bringing people into the present moment by mirroring your bright, open heart and so therefore creating a sacred safe space, and as you know, it is a must skill for a healer. (Well, at least I think it is;) ”
Thank you Mia, I am happy that you feel that way.
I am in service .
Stay Blessed

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