Experience “Introduction to Unlocking Emotions”

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Dancing is wonderful for us in so many ways – it makes us feel more alive, gives us more energy, lifts our spirits.
There are not many places that we can really go out there and dance freely. Clubbing (unhealthy environment ,age),or do classes like modern dance or ballet but it is very structured and has set steps, or may need a partner.
Unlocking Emotions is a form of dance that is really quite different….. The Moving Meditation Dance
We darken the room, we create a sacred space, and we use the chakra system as our map.
Music is a key part of the experience, as the music resonates to each of the 7 chakras. W begin with earthy, tribal, pulsing rhythms for the base chakra, and move up to hypnotic trance inducing beats for the higher chakras.
The dance is not about performance in any way.I t is about finding your own free spontaneous dance to connect with and express the energy of each chakra. It is like a dynamic moving meditation.
There are a lot of benefits – physically fit, releases endorphins so you feel good, freedom of expression. One of the main benefits is that it is a process of self-discovery because we are working directly with the chakras. We explore intimacy, sexuality, intuition, creativity. It is a practice for inner awareness that is stress-free, you can have fun while you are doing it, its non-analytical – it’s exploration through the body.

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