My Moving Meditation Dance Practice



"I dance for myself, for my Love and for my Grief. How can I be Love if I don’t know my Grief? I dance my emotions to understand and witness myself. I dance with my Soul, and I dance with my Heart, to hear clearly my Spiritual Purpose on the Earth; “as I arrived from Love, I live for Love, and go back to Love” My Soul Dances in my chosen human body, so I can Explore and Surrender into Love that I am, in this constant movement of Life itself. This is my moving meditation dance practice.

I am in nature, and nature is in me. I am in the movement of invisible energy, that drives my body, allowing me to have that extraordinary experience; to see, to hear, to feel, to taste and to smell. I am the Earth, I am in growing Trees and in beautiful blooming Flowers, I am in the running Rivers, and waiving Oceans, in quiet Lakes and Creeks. I am the Quiet Mind to listen to the Crocodile’s wise advice. I am the humble Ear, to hear Frog’s silly long song, perhaps the Scarab Beetle has a message for me.

I am the single Flame from a Burning Fire, the soft Flickering Light, that leads me out from my own Darkness, so I can follow my Joyful Soul, hand in hand with my Inner Child Helle, to dance through Life with Grace, into the Spirit, up high in the Sky. I am the Ear, for the Wind that delivers messages from Spirit to be heard. I am the compassionate Mother, the Empress of Sensuality, to give birth for New Life through Love, Pleasure and Pain, through my blood, so life can continue on earth. I am the Newborn furry baby Bunny, full of Trust in life. I am the Shark in the endless water’s, allowing myself to swim through my Emotions fluidly, as not to get stuck in any one feeling. I am the Rain, sometimes too much, sometimes just a little tender sprinkle, most of the time just perfect as needed. I am the Snow, caring warm blanket for the land, who is getting most needed rest before new season begins, in purposeful service to produce the harvest. I am the Apple Tree, and I can be an Apple, whatever I Want to Be, it is my choice, small or big, I have the power of Imagination. I am the Bird with broken wings, healing myself from ignoring my Soul, to roam Free again, on my way Home, where I truly belong. I am the Water for thirst, I am the Ice, the sparkling cover for Lakes, so children can skate, in Fun and Joy.

I am the Ice, the magical transformation from open waters to a responsible loving and caring Father’s Source, protecting fish and all under- water creatures in wintertime. I am the Cold, so I can be

Warmth Again. I am the Cleaning- Laundry- Lady for my material home in need, my respectful priority, in my cozy little territory. I am the volunteer in service for my first little unity, as a Husband and Wife, to Encourage, to Cherish, to protect each other Unconditionally, as needed, for Meaningful Life together, for serving the bigger community. I am the Gardener for endless Supplies, the Gardener who screams out loud, when the outcome of Riches are seen. I am the Painter with legacy in mind, if I say so.

I am the Broken down Tree by the sudden storm, going back to Eternity as Peaceful, Forgiving and Loving Old Soul, by my own free will. I am the Writer, the Mother and Grandmother, who writes from faith and strength in the heart, reaching out to the Family Tribe, even the Ancestors involved, to those who are long gone before my own, to Dance together once again, on the Abandon farm- land. I am the Spring and I am the Autumn as well. I am the Hug Here and from Distance, cherishing new generations after my own, again and again. I am the Vision, Trust and Integrity in my commands. I allow myself to feel the passionate life force of sunshine, and I allow myself to gain calmness from the moonlight. I am the Word and through my voice, I am using it just for the wise regard, and if I don’t know how to handle something, that seems too scary from outside, I allow my voice to ask for guidance to command from Higher Power above, whatever I need is available right in front of me, though Trusting in the process of life…

I stopped giving my feelings away for yesterday and for tomorrow, better to allow myself to have this right now, so I am the flow with life itself. I am the Beginning and I am the Ending, and everything else in between. Lovable All."

~ Helle ~

“Tell me about yourself, singing Bird, I see you, I hear you…............”

Hello, my name is Helle,

Rhythm for my soul ~ answers are within, you and I find the answers in my moving meditation dance practice.

My willingness to learn about myself is the key for my success

My willingness to learn every single detail about myself is the power key to my success in every area in my personal and my business life. Regardless of what I am doing or what I am not doing at the present moment. It is a necessity, it is my lifestyle.

Yes, I also dance for myself.

My own search for life’s meaning started at a very young age through a strong message. My promise to myself was to learn about relationship between husband and wife. In practicing different modalities throughout my life, I have found a way to share, understanding self love. I have found Unlocking Emotions as the best way for me to continue knowing myself.

It has become a lifestyle for me.

By choice, this is my time to let the outside world be, my time to embrace myself through self love, my sacred space and time, to be with my soul, I can even hug my soul. It is my moving meditation.

I begin my moving meditation dance, my helper, shift maker, and through my physical body experience of the dance, I dive in completely, through all my senses I allow my inner guidance to lead me toward my soul knowing, I understand that I blossom.

I make a conscious choice to take the time, to enter into my own moving meditative dance workshop, for myself, I surrender to it, I explore into it, and I feel the experience of it, without judging or analyzing, and then I allow myself time to integrate the experience itself.

Well Being as a Conscious Choice

Unlocking Emotions is a down to earth self- awareness practice, the helper, the shift maker within. Personal well being is my personal responsibility. Knowing myself is for my personal well being.

It is important for me to understand that daily life can include unexpected situations that can create heaviness, tension and stress.
Let’s be honest, the truth is, that everyone has his or her own stuff going on. And by free will, no one really wants to get into another’s personal drama and complaints. Actually, I feel like we all know that already, and we still do it without realizing. Without having compassion for one another, as if wanting someone else to take responsibility and help to carry that inner heaviness.
Emotions and feelings are a natural process of life. Everything in life is repeating itself, we can choose to have a different experience.
“Whatever arises in us are our life lessons to be learned to have our fullest experience. If we choose, we practice through out our lifetime to learn from our lessons and make the switch into the Love we are.”

I have found through my personal experience that the moving meditation dance helps shifts happen for me, to come true for me, in a peaceful and creative way. I safely release daily and past unwanted stressful emotions and avoid unnecessary actions toward others. Especially toward our loved ones we need the most to have fulfilling life experiences.

I allow myself to dive into the deepest and darkest corners of my being, and into the happiest moments in my memory. I am identifying my own personal feelings, what ever they might be, without an outsider's judgement and without judging myself. I can allow my physical body to express how I feel, that’s my inner homework, I am knowing myself, I am shifting. I am exercising self-love. I am choosing to take responsibility for my well being.

My Invitation To You

Unlocking Emotions is a form of nourishment, gently helping us become more aware through identifying our own personal feelings. We can make the conscious choice to be responsible for our own success in every area of our life.
"I honor myself and practice self-love, for the well being of all."

"As a Facilitator of Unlocking Emotions, I am enthusiastic about assisting you in having this experience for yourself and sharing this practice with you.
Unlocking Emotions is for men and women alike, it is a fun, loving and joyful way to reach the knowing of ourselves in a safe environment.
I can only share through my own experience and from my own perspective. I invite you to give it a try, to have your own personal experience. I know you have the choice to use your own personal power of being the” Magic Wand” for yourself."
Please feel free to contact me with any questions about Unlocking Emotions or Spiritual Coaching Services.